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What REALLY happens in Pokemon episode 3 What REALLY happens in Pokemon episode 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Not much of a review, but it must be said... This had me in an absolute fit of laughter!
Especially when Gary leaves Oaks lab.
Pure comedy gold right there.

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Quest of Bluefire-8-Back at the Castle! Quest of Bluefire-8-Back at the Castle!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Well you've certainly got potential (I mean hell, this is better than some of the stuff I was doing at your age).
I haven't seen your previous episodes and I'm sure you've done nothing but improve over time, but here's my critique as it stands:

Voice Acting - From what I can gather, you've got quite a few VAs and they sound like they're really enjoying themselves and getting into their roles which is great!
However, the output quality needs improving. Either on your VAs end or yours when exporting the proj- video.

Animation - I won't lie, It's pretty bare bones, but I'm pretty sure you know this.
It wouldn't be such a bad thing if it wasn't for the fact that the drawings themselves were basic, thus it looks a bit rushed.
I think you should perhaps look into spending more time on either polishing up the images or adding more frames to your animation (OR do both! :D).

Voice Acting is good but quality is just about acceptable.
Animation is bare and feels rushed. Maybe consider putting more time into frame quality AND/OR quantity.


Ensure all voice actors microphones are set up properly (48KHz 24bit is a standard for voice but 44.1KHz 16bit would be perfectly adequate) and assuming they're exporting as an MP3, steer clear of anything under 256Kbps.
If internet speed and storage space isn't an issue, then I'd 100% recommend WAV.

It looks like you're drawing your animation with Paint (apologies if i'm wrong though)!
If you're looking for a better/free alternative, it might be worth looking into Paint.NET.
I believe it gives you the flexibility of multiple layers and different brush/pen types.
Multiple layers means better workflow!

Despite the fact this post is solely criticism, please don't be offended! What you've got here is a great foundation. Don't get put off doing this stuff. No matter what people say, don't lose the passion.

If there's anything else I can think of i'll be sure to pop it down at a later date, however if you have any questions or whatever please feel free to PM me!