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2017-04-20 20:25:35 by insinogen

I guess you've clicked on here for a reason, so I'll at least give you something to read.

My name's Sean - Despite the fact my account is a couple years old, i've been lurking on NG since about 2005.

I've been doing the video thing and the like for the best part of 11+ years... Not that I have much to really show as, to be quite frank I lost a lot of it... You can thank cheap DVD-Rs for that.

Started out using a crappy webcam, Paint & Windows Movie Maker making claymation, eventually moving onto what was Macromedia Flash MX & 8.

They were much simpler times.

Now I frequently use Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects & (unfortunately) Avid Media Composer.
Infact, here's a fun little tidbit of information for ya! If you're serious about going into video editing and the like, apparently Avid Media Composer is the "industry standard", even if it lacks the flexibility and ease-of-use that is so prominant in Premiere.
Either way, get to know it. Because as much as i'd like Avid to go bust and die, apparently it's here to stay and almost every professional video editor uses it... Even if it does feel like it sucks the fun and excitement out of video editing. 

It's a bit like that little chugnut of poo that just sits in the toilet and won't flush away.

Either way, I'm currently working on a short experimental film called AVHD... Not really selling it here am I.
I'll be uploading it here when it's done.

If you made it through this, I love you.
Maybe you should just go ahead and click on that 'FAN' thing. I'll be sure to blow your mind away, bit by bit.

Now get off my lawn.


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